In 2004, Glori Renee' Euwer established Film, Art and Magic. She saw a wealth of crew talent in the greater Austin, Texas area going grossly under utilized. Glori Renee' says, "Within the art department world, crew skills transfer nicely between stage, film, TV and other artistic venues. It makes perfect sense to combine and harness all of these talents in one place."

Glori Renee', the owner of Film, Art and Magic, was introduced to the visual and performance arts through her mother at the age of 6. Glori Renee's full self-expression of the arts has shown up in her work with Stage, TV and Films productions, whether out front or behind the scenes. She credits some of her talents to her mother, who was an expert seamstress, professional ballroom dancer and who had a unique fondness for scrap crafts (found objects), which was the basis of many of their artistic projects.

The talent FAM crew members have worked with independent and commercial companies for Stage, Film, TV, the Gaming Industry and others venues with in the artistic community. The crew's experience has been with named producers and directors (CA, NY and TX); independent and blockbuster films, local and national TV shows and commercials; and such companies as the Bass Concert Hall, Austin Lyric Opera and even Cirque du Soleil.